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1. Gift occasions for toy handbags
2. What exactly are toy handbags?
3. What does CE marking mean for handmade toys?

1. Gift occasions for toy handbags

llttle girl in christening outfitA toy handbag would make an ideal christening gift

Do you need a Christening or Naming Day gift?

Something for a little girl that's not a silver plated moneybox, cutlery set or other such item that will be put away and forgotten?

Then buy her something she will be able to use, enjoy and remember... a handmade toy handbag bearing her name.

...or are you getting married and need a gift for a flower girl?

Little girls love to play like Mummy... remember when you were that age? A toy handbag makes the perfect "thank you" gift from a bride to a young attendant.

Are you expecting a new addition to the family and want to ensure your first little one doesn't feel left out...?

Find a special gift for her so that she feels special too when the new arrival is being showered with some. A toy bag bearing her name will leave her in no doubt that this gift was chosen just for her.

Or do you just need a birthday, Christmas or other gift for a precious little girl... or boy?

A handmade toy handbag with their name embroidered on it will delight any little one. In the interests of unisex the Child's Tote Bag would appeal to a little boy as well as to a little girl as all very young children love a bag.

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young child dressed up in hat and glasses and carrying toy handbagYoung children love to role play

Young children love to put things in bags and carry them around when playing. I observed my little granddaughter doing this long before she was two years old..

Many toy handbags on the market are for age 3 upwards. Therefore I created a range of CE marked bags suitable from 18 months. These have the added feature of being personalised on the flap with the child's name.

(There is also a second range for children over three. These have elements requiring more advanced dexterity such as zips. These bags are also personalised with the child's name.) Not currently available.

2. What exactly are Toy Handbags?

Two little flower girls and brideA handbag makes a perfect thank you gift for a flower girl

There are many bags on the market which are made for children but not all of them can be regarded as toys.

Every item made and sold as a "toy" in the UK must have CE marking.

There is an anomaly in the regulations regarding bags for children which states that bags intended purely as fashion accessories, i.e. having no play value, do not require a CE mark.

The definition of what constitutes "play value" is not always adhered to. Generally, if it looks like a soft cuddly toy animal or doll, then it's a toy even if it's in the shape of a bag. If it has play value, it's a toy and toy regulations apply.

3. What does CE marking mean for handmade toys?

Firstly only new materials may be used, no recycling. 

Testing ensures that toys are safe and appropriate for the age of child for which they are designed.

Each material used in the outer construction of a toy must have been certified as safe from chemicals under EN71-3 rules. This entails lab testing.

The toy must also undergo strength tests to check it won't fall apart in normal play as well as flammability testing so that, in the unlikely event that it caught fire, the child would have time to drop it before being burned.

Although it is possible for the crafter to conduct and document the necessary physical (EN71-1) and flammability (EN71-2) tests on their handmade toys. The chemical testing can only be carried out by a registered laboratory.

A file of information and evidence must be kept and maintained up-to-date for each variation of a toy.

Whereas the cost of CE marking becomes negligible for a large scale producer making and selling thousands of the same toy, for a small scale hand maker it forms a significant part of the cost of each one.

All toy handbags sold on this site have been CE marked.

Read more about toy testing here.

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