Tiny Teddy Bears

in sweaters

   Tiny Teddy Bears

        in sweaters

three tiny teddy bears in knitted sweaters and scarves

Meet my tiny teddy bears. They are now ready to go to their forever homes.

These bears are created as collectibles for adults.

They are NOT toys and are not suitable for children.

Several hours of work goes into making each one.

My tiny teddy bears make perfect companions:

miniature teddy bear in blue jumper with scarf
  • They are small and will fit into a pocket if need be. 
  • They love to listen. 
  • You can talk through your most personal problems with them, 
  • or share your deepest secrets and be sure 
  • they will never breathe a word of any of it. 

Origins of my tiny Teddy Bears

I have always loved miniature versions of just about anything. For many years I collected miniature cups and saucers. I think it's the intricate nature of something tiny that fascinates me.

I was once given a tiny china doll dressed in tiny clothes knitted in very fine crochet cotton. This acted as a challenge to me to see if I could do it too. 

So when I found some pure cashmere wool left over from a jumper I had knitted some 40 years ago I decided to use it to make these little guys.

3 unfinished knitted tiny teddy bearsThree little bears "born" on holiday in Madeira

Bear-making was usually the craft which I took on holidays with me as it was small and easily packed into a suitcase. I would find it hard to go a week or two without something on hand to knit or sew. Some people take novels - I take a craft project. 

Many of these little ones were “born” abroad in various holiday destinations. I liked nothing more than to sit on a balcony with my cuppa, at dawn, listening to the birds sing while I knitted.

It has taken me several years to create them all.

Crowd of unfinished teddiesA clutch of unfinished teddies

These little bears are collectibles, not toys. They are not suitable for young children as they have small parts.

They are stuffed with a heavy weight polyester fibre fill that conforms to BS5852, BS1425 and EN71-3 2013. 

The yarn is vintage 100% cashmere by Jaeger. 

Their eyes are small seed beads.

Arms and legs are cord threaded so as to be moveable.

Having been created in warmer climes, the teddies found it chilly when they returned to the UK so each one now sports a knitted jumper (or dress in the case of the girls).  Many of the teddies also demanded a scarf.

These tiny clothes are knitted in crochet cotton on 1mm needles.

One thing I found when knitting the sweaters was that if I happened to drop a stitch I stood no chance of picking it up again and carrying on in the way that I could when doing normal sized knitting. No, if I made a mistake the whole lot had to be undone and restarted.

Origins of Teddy Bears

The "Teddy bear" is named after the American President - Theodore Roosevelt - whose nickname was Teddy. 

He was featured in a cartoon following his participation in a bear hunt towards the end of 1902 in which the bear was portrayed in a cuter light than was customary.

This created interest especially among toy manufacturers. In early1903 the German firm, Steiff, and an American, Morris Michtom, started making soft teddy bears, each unaware of what the other was doing.

In 1907 the tune "Teddy Bears' Picnic" was composed by John Walter Bratton although words were only added in 1932 by Jimmy Kennedy. 

As a young child I was entranced by the magic of this idea and whenever I was taken for a walk through woodland would look around to see if I could spot the little teddies having their picnic. (I also looked for baby fairies but that's another story!) 

It's surprising that the idea of creating toy bears such as these hadn't arisen earlier, as bears had previously been depicted in fairy stories. For example, the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears seems to have been around in various forms inthe middle of the nineteenth century if not earlier.

Many variations on the tale existed but that by the poet, Robert Southey, is acknowledged as the most similar to that which we know today. Other versions had featured an old woman as the intruder into the bears' home whereas Southey introduced a young girl, Goldilocks, instead. This rendered the tale much more appealing.

There must be few children in the Western world who have not, at some time, owned a teddy bear.

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