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Small Bags and Purses

Small Bags and Purses

What's on this page:

1. Jelly frame kiss clasp crossbody purses
2. Little jelly frame coin purses
3. Zipped crossbody coin purses

1.  Jelly Frame Kiss Clasp Crossbody Purses

Small crossbody bags on jelly frames which close with a kiss clasp. Some of these are fairly simple with just a single compartment. Others are more complex having a flap closing pocket on the front as well as the section closed by the kiss clasp on the jelly frame.

All are fully lined in cotton fabric.

owl crossbody purse
crossbody purse with owl

yachts bag on yellow jelly frame
Pink ballerina fabric purse/kid's bag on pink jelly frame
Turquoise and pink floral fabric purse bag on jelly frame

small shoulder bag/purse in brown floral fabric
small shoulder bag/purse with yellow camper van
small shoulder bag/purse with orange camper van

2. Little Jelly Frame Coin Purses

These are little purses which are just big enough to hold some coins. Use when the children go shopping with you or to keep in the car with emergency parking payment.

ballerina coin purse on pink jelly frame
turquoise coin purse with owl
Red camper van coin purse on black jelly farme

Blue jelly frame coin purse with yachts
angel purse on white jelly frame
angel purse on orange jelly farme

angel coin purse on yellow jelly frame
toys coin purse on red jelly frame
toys coin purse on green jelly frame

toys coin purse on brown jelly frame

3. Zipped Crossbody Coin Purses

dark haired boy stuff crossbody purse
bright pink girl stuff crossbody purse
red girl stuff crossbody purse

yellow unicorn crossbody purse
blue unicorn crossbody purse

ballerinas crossbody purse

If you have further questions about any of the items of this page before ordering, please use the contact form to email me your query.

Little purses for keeping spending money safe

Types of Bags and Purses available

  1. Ooak Gifts
  2. Small Bags and Purses