Order Beaded Necklaces

Order Beaded Necklaces

PLEASE NOTE that due to a move to a different selling platform none of the items listed will be available to buy instantly using the shopping cart until mid-September 2019.
If you wish to order before then please contact me and I will create a Paypal invoice.
I am very sorry for any inconvenience.

UK orders over £60 FREE postage  otherwise £3.00 per order to UK  (see more here) 

What you need to know to order this necklace:

beaded amethyst birth chart necklace on silver box

*Silver box in image NOT for sale

1. Who is the necklace for?

You need to know the date and place (town) of birth for this person.

2. Isn't the time of birth important?

It's true that if the actual time of birth is known then the position of the faster moving planets can be more accurate - this is especially useful in the case of the Moon. I can use this additional information if it is known.

I haven't, however, made this information a requirement for this necklace as many people in the UK don't know their actual birth time and it would prevent them being able to own this lovely item of jewellery.

For those who don't know the actual time of birth it is assumed to be noon.

3. Which semi precious 4mm gemstone bead do you want for the main background part of the necklace?

Choose from the examples shown below.

4mm aventurine beadsAventurine
4mm rose quartz beadsRose Quartz
4mm amethyst beadsAmethyst
4mm blue lace agate beadsBlue Lace Agate
4mm amazonite beadsAmazonite
Tiger Eye
4mm black onyx gemstone beadsBlack Onyx
4mm lapis lazuli necklaceLapis Lazuli

To read more about the beaded astrology necklaces see about page.

I currently offer one size of beaded necklace determined by the size of beads used as background i.e. that make up the basic necklace. These use 4mm background beads that are semi-precious gemstones with 6mm gemstone planets. The current 4mm bead options are shown above.

Other possibilities may be available for the 4mm background beads such as garnet, but these depend on availability and may incur increased costs. Please contact me for further information.

Beaded Astrology Necklace in 4mm semi-precious background gemstones 

4mm beaded astrology necklace in rose quartz
Various beaded astrology necklaces on mirrored box
4mm beaded astrology necklace worn around the neck

**Only a single strand beaded necklace is for sale here made with 4mm beads as chosen from options in images above. Sale does NOT include any of the other items used in the photos.

• Very unusual and individual necklace personalised to show the positions of the planets in relation to one another and to the zodiac sun signs on the day of birth.

• Planets are represented by 6mm gemstones and the remainder of the necklace is created with 4mm gemstones. Choice of 4mm gemstone beads available.

• Start and end of each of the twelve zodiac signs is marked with a 3mm gold coloured bead.

• These necklaces have 4mm background beads of semi-precious gemstones. The planet beads are represented by 6mm gemstone beads. The finished necklace measures approx 55cms/21½ ins

• Wear it around the neck or around the wrist as a bracelet (see images here)

• Each beaded necklace is supplied with a copy of the birth chart so the various planets can be identified.

• Personal details (date, year and place of birth i.e. nearest town and country) of the recipient are required for this necklace. If time of birth is known this can be included but is not essential.

• PLEASE NOTE: After completing purchase you will be emailed for the necessary data.

• 4mm necklaces in Tiger Eye or Black Onyx have often been bought for men or even by men for themselves.

• Necklaces are usually delivered within two weeks of completion of order - if this is not going to be possible for any reason you will be notified and given the option of cancelling.

• Please note that gemstone beads are a natural product and, as such, there may be variations in colour from bead to bead and also very slight differences in size.

* As this is a personalised item returns are not accepted unless faulty. Please read terms and conditions prior to placing your order.

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If you have further questions about any of the necklaces on this page, please contact me noting your query on the form.

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