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Ooak Gifts Sitemap

Ooak Gifts Sitemap

This site has shop pages for various different kinds of gift as well as pages with further background information for many of these.

To follow links page-by-page can be confusing so look here to see which background pages are associated with the items in which you're interested.


1. General Gift Giving Information

Gift Advice

Navigation image for gift advice page showing gifts.

This page has some suggestions for finding inspiration for what to get for different people on your list. 

Gift Giving Etiquette

Navigation image people exchanging gifts.

When giving gifts outside the immediate family it can be difficult knowing what is expected in different situations. This page offers some general advice.

Gift Giving in Times Past

Navigation image showing Victorian Christmas.

A look at some of the gift giving habits and traditions of times gone by, some of which have changed considerably even in living memory.

Overview of Gift Shops available on this site

An overview of the various gift shops to be found on this site with a brief description of each

2.  Hand Knitted Baby Clothes

Shop for Teddy Ed Knits

Navigation image showing hand knit.

This page gives an overview of the shops selling hand knitted cardigans and little hats for babies and toddlers. Items are created in plain stitches and embellished with little crochet motifs, hand embroidery or intarsia patterns.

All are made either in pure yarns (100% merino wool or cotton) or in Cashmerino yarn by Debbie Bliss.

There are beanie hats for 0-3 month old babies including some on a Christmas theme.

Also you can find a few knitted baby blankets to buy.

About Teddy Ed Knits for Babies

Navigation image for page about Teddy Ed knits.

Background information about the knitting stitches used to create these garments, garment sizing, information about yarns used and care instructions.

Some of the History of Baby Clothes

Navigation image showing baby dressed as 100 years ago.

A look at what babies were wearing 100 years ago. Also how we came to start using blue for a boy and pink for a girl.

How I Learnt to Knit

Navigation image showing cat teaching kitten to knit.

About me and how I learnt to knit as a child.

3.  Handmade Fabric Bags

An Overview of the different bag shops

Click to go to handmade bag shop

There are several different types of handmade bags available on this site.

 These range from overnight bags created on a frame like a carpet bag, to small purses and bags for children on colourful jelly frames.

This page gives a brief overview of these and links to the shop for each different type of bag. 

Direct links to different bag shops

Background to Bags - why I make what I do

Navigation image showing overnight bag.

About me and why I make the bags. Why I am drawn to colourful fabric bags as opposed to leather ones in plain, often dull,  colours.

4.  Birthchart Necklaces

Shop for BirthChart Necklaces

Navigation logo showing horoscope chart.

These necklaces are personalised to show the positions of the planets in the zodiac on the day the recipient was born.

At present there are two size options for the beads used as the background in these necklaces.

Background to the Beaded Birthchart Necklace

Navigation image showing birthchart necklaces.

This page descries in detail what is represented in the necklace and why. It also details the different options available.

Background to the Loved Ones Birthchart Necklace

Navigation logo for page about Loved Ones necklace

Full description of the muti-strand Loved Ones Birthchart Necklace - how it's created and what it shows.

The Planets in Astrology

Navigation image showing solar system.

An explanation of the significance of each of the planets in the birthchart necklace. Each planet is represented by a semi-precious gemstone bead.

Gemstone Beads and their Meanings

Navigation image showing semi-precious gemstone necklaces.

The semi-precious gemstone bead representing each planet was carefully chosen because it had some similarities in significance to the planet it represent in teh necklace.

This page describes the meanings attributed to the different semi-precious gemstones used.

5.  Decorative Gift Boxes

Shop for Decorative Gift Boxes

Navigation image showing gift boxes.

An overview of the different sizes of decorative gift boxes currently available and links to the individual shops.

Direct links to shops for different sized gift boxes

About Decorative Gift Boxes

Navigation image showing gift box of girl playing double bass.

Why I started creating these boxes and some basic details as to how I go about it.

6.  Little Teddy Bears

Shop for Tiny Teddy Bears

Navigation image showing miniature teddy bears.

Little knitted miniature teddy bears currently available. Each one is individually named and wears a tiny knitted jumper or dress.

About My Little Bears

Navigation image showing group of little bears.

How I came to create these little bears and some of their history.

7.  Miscellaneous Handcrafted Gifts 

From time to time I make items which are either a one-off or of which I have only created a few and am not sure if I will ever make. Under such circumstances it isn't appropriate to put them in their own shops. So I list them here.

I also list in this shop any seasonal items which I will probably not offer all year round such as Christmas decorations.

Currently in the miscellaneous gifts shop:

8.  The Christmas Shop

Shop for Christmas Decorations

Navigation image for Christmas shop

Shop closed until Autumn 2019 but you can still read about various European Christmas markets there.

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