Ooak Gifts Sitemap

Ooak Gifts Sitemap

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This site has shop pages for various different kinds of gift as well as pages with further background information for many of these.

To follow links page-by-page can be confusing so look here to see which background pages are associated with the items in which you're interested.

Personalised Gifts

Made to order just for you

1. Toy Handbags

Navigation image for toy handbags

About Toy Handbags

Background to the creation of these handbags for children. 

4 toy handbags in different colour combinations

Order a toy handbag

Options for ordering and how to go about it

2. Astrology Necklaces

logo for astrology necklaces

About Astrology Necklaces

Information about the different styles of astrology necklace available here

beaded birthchart necklaces

About Beaded Gemstone Astrology Necklaces

This page describes in detail what is represented in the single strand necklace and why. It also details the different options available.

Single strand astrology necklace in crystal beads

About Crystal Beaded Necklaces

A delicate version of a beaded astrology necklace made with Swarovski crystal bicone beads.

Navigation logo for page about Loved Ones necklace

About the Loved Ones Gemstone Necklace

Full description of the multi-strand Loved Ones Necklace made with semi-precious gemstones - how it's created and what it shows.

Tiger Eye birthchart necklace on a celestial map

The Planets in Astrology

An explanation of the significance of each of the planets in the birthchart necklace. Each planet is represented by a semi-precious gemstone bead.

Aventurine birthchart necklace on silver box

Gemstone Beads and their Meanings

The semi-precious gemstone bead representing each planet was carefully chosen because it had some similarities in significance to the planet it represents in the necklace.

This page describes the meanings attributed to the different semi-precious gemstones used.

3. Keepsake Dolls

Navigation image for keepsake dolls

About Keepsake Dolls

What a keepsake doll is and why you might want one. 
Suggestions for different occasions for which a keepsake doll might be an appropriate gift.

Doll dressed as can can dancer

Dolls as Souvenirs

This page considers the many types of doll that are or have been souvenirs or commemorative tokens of various kinds in different cultures.

Non-Personalised Gifts

1. Hand Knits for Babies

Baby hand knitted cardigan in blue with white heart decoration

Shop for Baby Knits

This shop sells hand knitted cardigans, beanie hats and blankets for babies and toddlers. Items are created in plain stitches and embellished with little crochet motifs, hand embroidery or intarsia patterns.

All are made either in pure yarns (100% merino wool or cotton) or in Cashmerino yarn by Debbie Bliss.

Knitted teddy bear

About Knits for Babies

Background information about the knitting stitches used to create these garments, garment sizing, information about yarns used and care instructions.

The knitted teddy is the brand mascot and is not for sale

Navigation image showing baby dressed as 100 years ago.

Some of the History of Baby Clothes

A look at what babies were wearing 100 years ago. Also how we came to start using blue for a boy and pink for a girl.

2. Special Occasion Handbags

Fabric handbag in cream script fabric

Handbag Shop

This shop contains a variety of fabric handbags for special occasions. This might be a wedding, a bag to take on a cruise or holiday, or to take to the races.

Bags are made from good quality quilting cotton.

Navy fabric handbag with swalows

About Special Occasion Handbags

Suggestions for occasions for using these bags and who would appreciate one as a gift.

3. Tiny Teddy Bears

three tiny teddies dressed in knitted sweaters

Shop for Tiny Teddy Bears

Little knitted miniature teddy bears currently available. Each one is individually named and wears a tiny knitted jumper or dress.

Tiny knitted teddy bear in knitted jumper and striped scarf

About My Little Bears

How I came to create these little bears and some of their history.

4. Decorative Gift Boxes

decorative gift boxes

Shop Decorative Gift Boxes

Gift boxes created from up-cycled packaging that's too good to throw away.

5. Miscellaneous Handcrafted Gifts

close-up of machine sewing

Shop Miscellaneous Gifts

This page is where I list items which I make from time to time that are different from the things I usually make.

About Handmade Craft Items

vintage sewing machine

What is Ooak?

What ooak means and how it came about

bag of money

Handmade Pricing

Reasons why some handmade goods appear so much more expensive than others.

Christmas candle

European Christmas Markets

The tradition of Christmas markets in Europe

General Gift Giving Information

NavLogo pile of gifts

Gift Advice

This page has some suggestions for finding inspiration for what to get for different people on your list. 

boy and girl exchanging gifts

Gift Giving Etiquette

When giving gifts outside the immediate family it can be difficult knowing what is expected in different situations. This page offers some general advice.

etching of Victorian family Christmas

Gift Giving in Times Past

A look at some of the gift giving habits and traditions of times gone by, some of which have changed considerably even in living memory.

About Me and Other thoughts - a Blog

Sue Nam

About Me and My Handcraft

Tales of my childhood sewing efforts

illustration of cat showing kitten how to knit

How I Learnt to Knit

About me and my knitting journey since childhood

Handbags and Me

About me and why I make the bags. Why I am drawn to colourful fabric bags as opposed to leather ones in plain, often dull, colours.


About my grandmother who inspired this doll in memory of her.

My School Uniform

How I re-created a version of my school uniform for a doll and the memories it evoked.

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