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Miniature Teddy Bears seeking forever homes

PLEASE NOTE : These miniature teddy bears are collectibles they are NOT toys and are not meant for young children.

The little bears are 9 - 10cm tall when standing.

Each bear now wears a name tag around its neck as they kept swapping jumpers and confusing me!

Montgomery also wears a hat he found in the attic and insisted on keeping.

Two little bears - one knitted and one crochetedSidney and Montgomery up to no good!

A series of enchanting tiny teddy bears knitted in cashmere wool and dressed in tiny hand-knitted cotton sweaters, or dresses and, for some, scarves. The clothes are intricately created on 1mm needles with crochet cotton. The bears have tiny black beads for eyes.

Each available bear costs

Bears that have been rehomed are marked ADOPTED

Miniature teddy bear in green and yellow sweaterAlfred

Tiny knitted bear in blue jumperBertram
Hand knitted miniature bear in Christmas jumperClaude

Tiny black teddy bear in striped sweaterDesmond

Collectible tiny teddy bear named EdwinEdwin
Miniature hand knitted bear named FrederickFrederick

Hand knitted tiny collectible teddy bear in dark blue sweaterGilbert
Miniature teddy bear in knitted jumper and scarfHubert

Cream knitted miniature bear in purple dressIvy

tiny teddy in green jumperJasper
Black knitted collectible teddy in yellow dressKathleen
Miniature hand knitted teddy in green sweater with striped scarfLeonard

Little teddy hand knitted in black and wearing striped jumperMaurice
Miniature black teddy in striped jumper named NormanNorman
Tiny hand knitted teddy in Christmas jumperOscar

Little hand knitted bear in sweater and scarfPeregrine

Collectible miniature bear in sweater and scarfQuentin
hand knitted miniature bear in knitted scarf and jumperReginald

Patriotic miniature teddy in red, white and blue striped sweaterSidney

Little bear in oranges and brownsTheodore

Little black bear in red dressUrsula
Tiny teddy in hand knitted green sweater and striped scarfVictor
Tiny teddy bear in hand knitted clothesWilfred
Hand knitted tiny teddy in sweater and scarfXavier

Collectible hand knitted miniature bear in knitted jumper and scarfZachary
Little crocheted teddy in turquoise wearing a knitted scarfMongomery

Basic Information

Materials and making

These bears are NOT toys. They have small parts such as beaded eyes. They are NOT made to toy safety standards and are collectibles for adults only.

Each bear is hand knitted in 100% cashmere yarn. There are nine separate tiny knitted pieces for each bear which are carefully sewn together before the filling is added. After that the eyes are sewn in place and the nose embroidered. Separate tiny pieces of felt are then sewn onto the hands and feet to create the paws.

Their paw pads are wool felt.

They are filled with polyester fibre fill. 

The clothes are knitted in crochet cotton on tiny needles and can be removed with care. Each jumper is knitted in one piece as too many seams would spoil such a tiny garment. 

Although only tiny, these teddies take many hours of work to create and often require the use of a magnifying glass.

Having created the current collection I have now run out of the cashmere wool which I was using so I doubt whether I will ever add any more bears like these.  

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