About the Loved Ones Necklace      

Are you a mother wanting a special piece of jewellery that combines your own astrological birth chart with those of your children?
Are you in a relationship that feels special and which you want to mark with a piece of jewellery that intertwines your birth charts?

Floating Loved Ones Birthchart NecklaceMulti-strand Loved Ones Necklace in gemstone beads showing 3 strands - in this example they represent a mother and her two children.

The Loved Ones gemstone necklaces can do just that.

Today's fashion is for floating type necklaces that have sections of plain thread between the beads. This is perfect for creating a very pretty and delicate combination necklace.

These are personalised items. The planets are placed in their correct zodiac signs and in relation to one another according to the positions they were in on the day the person was born.

*Read basic information about birth charts here

Loved Ones necklace when wornLength of Loved Ones necklace in gemstone beads

This necklace has a separate strand for the birth chart of each person included. The strands are joined at the clasp. This results in an item of jewellery that links the astrological blueprints of the loved ones represented yet allows each its separate identity.

Many mothers love to wear items of jewellery that remind them of their children in some way. The Loved Ones Necklace can be that piece of jewellery. The necklace shown here was made with three strands for a mother and her two children.

What does the necklace show?

An astrological birth chart is circular. The circle is then divided into twelve equal sections for each of the twelve signs of the zodiac - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The necklace as a whole represents this circle.

What goes to make up the Loved Ones gemstone necklace?

Labelled section of Loved Ones necklaceSection of Loved Ones necklace showing what is represented by different elements

In this necklace the background to the chart is shown by the silver satin coloured beading wire itself.

Just as in the beaded astrology necklace, the planets are represented by semi-precious gemstones - each chosen because it has characteristics similar to those of the planet it represents.

blue Swarovski biconic crystal beadBiconic crystal bead marking sign change

The borders between zodiac signs are marked by pale blue sparkling biconic crystal beads by Swarovski.

The semi-precious gemstone beads which represent the planets as well as the small blue crystal bicone beads are fixed in position by means of silver coloured crimp beads as shown in image.

In addition to the above, some sections of a chart will be empty as in reality the planets aren't usually evenly spaced. Additional small crystal beads are added in these sections but are allowed to remain loose on the thread. This helps to add a little fluidity to the necklace.

Section of necklace showing two sizes of gemstone planet beadsSection showing the two sizes of gemstone planet beads on mother and child strands

This is a multi-strand necklace. Each strand of the necklace shows the birth chart of a different person.

The most usual type of Loved Ones necklace is one in which strands for a mother and her children are combined. Usually the Planet beads for the mother's strand are larger 8mm beads, whereas those on each of the children's strands are 6mm.

When the necklace is made to represent a couple, both strands have 8mm planet beads.

How can I tell which strand relates to which person?

magnification of coloured seed beads showing ownership of each strand of necklaceMagnification of seed beads used to show which strand belongs to whom

In order to be able to more easily identify which strand represents which person, I add small seed beads of different colours towards the end of the strand before it meets the clasp.

The much magnified image here shows three tiny pink and three blue seed beads showing the separate strands for a little girl and a little boy.

The strand for the mother is unmarked as it is easily identified due to the larger (8mm) planet beads as opposed to the smaller (6mm) ones on the strands for the children.

The clasp is placed in the same position on each strand. This is chosen as the place where there are fewest planets so that what planet beads there are will be more likely to be on display in the front section of the necklace.

What about the planets?

Only those known as the Personal Planets are depicted in this version of a birth chart necklace.

Rock Crystal bead representing the SunRock Crystal - Sun
Moonstine bead representing the MoonMoonstone - Moon
Amazonite bead representing MercuryAmazonite - Mercury
Rose Quartz bead representing VenusRose Quartz - Venus
Garnet bead representing MarsGarnet - Mars
Peridot bead representing ChironPeridot - Chiron
Citrine bead representing JupiterCitrine - Jupiter
Tiger Eye bead representing SaturnTiger Eye - Saturn

Since the three outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are slow moving they appear in much the same position in almost a generation of birth charts. They are also regarded as influencing matters in the wider world rather than on a personal level.

As this necklace is designed to show strong personal connections between those whose charts are depicted, the outer planets are omitted.


Loved Ones necklace in presentation box

The necklace comes in its own box along with a printed chart showing the combined chart for the strands the necklace contains. 

The chart shows the name of each person and, if applicable, the event, as well as the positions of the various planet beads as placed in the necklace.

The chart shown above has three different strands - one for each member of a couple and the chart for their wedding day. A colour code and information sheet, also supplied, enable the different planets to be identified in the necklace.

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