About Knitted Baby Clothes
by TeddyEd

About Knitted Baby Clothes
         by TeddyEd

• Are you looking for quality hand knitted baby clothes?

• Do you value carefully handmade items in quality yarns that wash and wear well?

• Do you appreciate baby garments in simple classic designs?

Hand knitted cardigan in white for newborn baby

• Is your preference for subtle finishing touches done by hand?

• Do you believe the baby not the knit should be the star?

• Do you give handmade gifts to show you cared enough to find them?

Red hand knitted cardigan with crocheted elephant motif

TeddyEd baby knits offer you all this... and more

Teddy Ed knitted teddy mascotMy knitted Teddy Ed mascot - Not for Sale!

Why TeddyEd knits are great for babies

For little people I like to knit in plain stitches such as garter stitch, stocking stitch or moss stitch. I aim for simple garments with subtle decoration such as crocheted motifs or little bits of embroidery. 

All too often I have seen garments for tiny bodies knitted in thick yarns or in complicated patterns that simply overwhelm the wearer. Keeping it simple allows the baby to be the star.


I believe simple stitch patterns show off knitted baby clothes at their best. Examples of those I use most are shown in the following images for those who are not familiar with the names of the different knitting stitches. 

knitting sample stockig stitch plain sideStocking stitch - plain side
sample of stocking stitch showing purl sideStocking stitch - purl side
knitted sample showing garter stitchGarter stitch
knitted sample of moss stitchMoss stitch

There are two images showing stocking stitch. This is because this stitch looks different from each side as it is created by knitting alternate rows of knit (plain) and purl stitches. It is usually worn with the plain side as the right side.

The purl side of stocking stitch appears similar to garter stitch at first glance. Closer inspection reveals a difference. Garter stitch is more wavy. 
Unlike stocking stitch, garter is created from knitting all the rows in knit (plain) stitch. This results in a garment that looks the same on the inside as the outside.

Finally there's moss stitch. Like garter stitch this too looks the same on both sides. It is created from rows made up of alternate plain and purl stitches.


I use natural fibres - 100% soft merino wool or 100% cotton yarn that's ecologically sourced. The exception to this is my use of "Cashmerino Baby" yarn.

This is a yarn produced by Debbie Bliss. It's made up of 55% extrafine merino wool, 33% acrylic microfiber and 12% cashmere. That makes it mainly natural. The 33% acrylic microfibre doesn't make the yarn feel synthetic in any way. Overall this yarn is fabulous for babies as it is 4ply thickness, which knits into a garment that moulds well to small bodies. It washes like a dream and feels lovely and soft to the touch.
(NB I don't receive any payment for recommending this yarn. I do so because I love it)

Although the yarns I use can be machine washed I'd always recommend hand washing to prolong the life of the garment.


I would quickly get bored knitting repeats of the same garment as I knit primarily for pleasure. Therefore no two items are ever created exactly the same and most designs are one-offs and unlikely to be repeated in exactly the same way once sold. I don't buy yarn in bulk.

I add interest to my knitted baby clothes and blankets in one of four ways

yellow crochet car motif1. With little crochet or knitted motifs sewn on
heart design in different stitch from background2. By knitting a design in a different stitch from the background
Hands embroidered flowers and chain stitch added to knitted cardigan3. Simple embroidery added to the finished garment
knitted heart shape in pink on a background of white4. Using a different colour yarn of the same type as than main background

Basic Information

Please note that baby knits for sale in the shop are one of a kind and hand knitted one by one. They are not mass-produced. This means that there is only one of each and that, once sold, it is unlikely that another will be created the same.

All garments are washable at 30° but hand-washing and careful reshaping whilst wet allows them to remain at their best for longer.

Garment Sizing

Although baby garments are usually sized by age this is not always a very reliable method of choosing the correct size to buy. Babies vary enormously in size and therefore I am giving a guide as to chest measurements that can be accomodated by the various age-related sizes.

If you are still unsure which size to buy please contact me using the form on the contact page telling me the item in which you are interested and I will forward more details.

Generally garments are made to fit body sizes as follows:

0 - 3 months    to fit chest up to 16ins / 40.5cms
3 - 6 months  to fit chest up to 17ins / 43 cms
6 - 9 months  to fit chest up to 18 ins / 46 cms
9 - 12 months  to fit chest up to 19 ins / 48.5 cms
12 - 18 months to fit chest up to 20 ins / 51 cms
18 - 24 months to fit chest up to 22 ins / 56 cms

Care Instructions

Each garment is sold with relevant care instructions as follows:

Hand washing recommended for longer life
Wash at 30℃ 
Shape when wet
Do not tumble dry
Do not dry clean

Benefits of today's hand knitted baby clothes

• Quality yarns can  be hand washed without fear of shrinkage

• Most yarns can even be machine washed at low temperatures

• Pure wool no longer means itching

• Hand knitted baby clothes wear better and look good for longer.

Show you care with a one-of-a-kind handmade gift

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