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Handmade Fabric Bags 

These are bags of various kinds made in fabric so as to add a bit of colour to the everyday.

There are bags for different purposes from small bags and purses for children to overnight bags and shopping bags.

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Tiny Teddy Bears

A whole tribe of miniature teddies knitted in pure cashmere yarn. Each teddy has a name and wears either a sweater or dress knitted on tiny needles in crochet cotton.

These teddies are not toys. They make great companions for adults who need someone to listen but not answer back!

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Personalised Birthchart Necklaces

This is a personalised item that shows, in a  necklace, the relative positions of the planets on the day of birth.  

Some necklaces are created totally in semi-precious gemstone beads whilst others, more colourful, are mainly glass with semi-precious gemstones representing the planets.

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Decorative Gift Boxes

I found myself with empty high end confectionary boxes that were too good to throw away so I started decorating them.

The resulting items are ideal as special gift boxes that can be kept for storing smaller items. The boxes are ideal as a gift for those for whom you have no idea what to get as they can be filled with edibles.

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Teddy Ed Knits for Babies

This shop sells hand knitted cardigans for babies and toddlers. Garments are knitted in simple stitches and finished with either crochet motifs, hand embroidered decoration, or intarsia knitted patterns.

Only the best quality yarns are used and many items are 100% wool or cotton. Others are made in the very fine Cashmerino blended yarn by Debbie Bliss

More gifts in the Miscellaneous Shop

This shop contains several smaller sections.

This is where I list all those one-off one-of-a-kind items that are too few for their own shop or which I may not be regularly making.

You might find a wide variety of different goodies here. Well worth a look. 

At the present time I have sections of the store selling:

I created this site in order to sell the items which I make.

Most of my creations are made by knitting or sewing although I do sometimes use other craft techniques such as mixed media artwork (as is used in the decorative gift boxes).

I get bored if I have to create the same thing time after time so you won't find large numbers of identical items here.

Some of the things I make are personalised (birth chart necklaces for example)

If you don't find exactly what you are looking for, please come back another time as I might then have created something that does appeal to you.

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