Handmade Bags

for special occasions

Handmade Bags

for special occasions

When looking to buy a new handbag...

For yourself do you... 

handmade fabric handbag in charcoal with script print

Love bright, colourful accessories?

Have the confidence to like something that's different from everyone else?

Prefer fun and colourful to safe and boring?

Want to treat yourself to something a little bit special?


When buying gifts for others do you...

Seek out a gift that's useful yet different?

Want a gift that says, "I put time and thought into finding this for you"?

Buy gifts for other fun individuals?

Then these handmade bags are for you!

Handmade bags for sale here are usually one of a kind. Some bags look similar at first but there are variations in colours of linings, handles, etc.

Most are made from quality cotton fabrics but some may be fully or partially made in cork, pleather, or cotton canvas.

I only buy fabrics in small quantities so there is only enough to make a few bags at the most in any design using the same fabric. I try to vary the details so no two are ever exactly the same. 

model racehorse with glasses of champagne

Special Occasion Handbags add a touch of individuality. They will hold essentials for events such as weddings, a day at the races, or a cruise.

They can also add a bit of something different to everyday. Who wants plain boring when you can have pattern and colour?

There are classic bags with a kiss clasp like the one in the picture. Also small tote style bags with chain handles and squat little bags. Visit the shop page and see for yourself.

Interested in the History of  Handbags?

If so, if you ever find yourself in Amsterdam, there's a fantastic museum there which claims to be the "Largest Museum of Bags and Purses in the World".

High Tea and lunch is served there in a period style room. There are also various special events.

It's well worth a visit.

Brighten a life with a colourful handmade fabric bag

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