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Decorated Gift Boxes
- Overview

     Decorated Gift Boxes
- Overview

Attractively decorated gift boxes make some gifts even more special.

If you are looking to buy gift boxes this page gives an overview of what's currently available.

The boxes are up-cycled from high end confectionery and sometimes toiletry boxes that were just too good to throw away. Read more about how they are created on the about page.

Boxes come in varying shapes and sizes and are listed by size on separate pages. Click images below to go to the relevant pages.

UK orders over £60 FREE postage  otherwise £2.95 per order (see more here) 

1. Decorated Gift Boxes Shops

small round gift box in turquoise

Small Gift Boxes

These boxes are suitable for smaller items of jewellery. They might also contain a few special chocolates or other sweets. Some could be used to make a gift card more exciting or even contain a gift of cash.

medium gift box with bunch of grapes

Medium Gift Boxes

Medium boxes can be filled with sweets, some gourmet biscuits, larger items of jewellery such as beaded or chunkier necklaces and other items of a similar size.

Large round gift box with deckchairs

Large Gift Boxes

These will hold larger amounts of sweets, biscuits or even small items of clothing such as ties, socks or underwear. Dimensions of boxes are given in the descriptions of each.

2. Origins of Wrapping Gifts

The act of unwrapping is a key part of gift giving and receiving and for some, bears a greater degree of importance than the gift itself.

The custom of hiding a gift in this way whilst it is given is thought to be centuries old and can be traced to ancient China.

Wrapping gifts in paper appears to have originated in the United States around the end of the first world war. There is a brief history of gift wrapping with references at Wikipaedia.

3. Reasons for using a Gift Box

  1. A decorative gift box makes a gift more special by lifting the presentation out of the ordinary. 
  2. Using an attractive box as a wrapping means giving two gifts in one. These gift boxes are made to be appreciated and kept. After opening and removing the original gift they might be used to keep little bits and pieces of various kinds.
  3. A box can also be used to create gifts for those hard-to-buy-for people on your Christmas list. One might be filled with tasty edible items such as sweets or biscuits. For a hobbyist another could contain small hobby items - reels of thread for a needlework enthusiast, seed packets for a gardener, etc. They can make an ordinary gift a bit special.

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