About the Crystal Necklace      


Do you love your jewellery to be sparkly?
Do you want a necklace with a very personal meaning?
Then the Crystal Necklace in the Loved Ones style may be just what you're looking for.

Multi-strand crystal floating necklace on standMulti-strand Loved Ones Necklace in crystals beads showing 3 strands - in this example they represent a couple and their wedding day..

The crystal necklace is the second version of the floating multi-strand Loved Ones design. The original version is for lovers of the natural world as it features semi-precious gemstone beads (read more about this version HERE)

The crystal multi-strand necklace is for lovers of sparkle as it uses crystal bicone beads by Swarovski as the planets.

This multi-strand necklace is in a contemporary floating style in which the crystal beads are fixed in place at certain points.

In this example the strands were created to represent the birth charts of each member of a couple along with a third chart showing the date, place and time of their wedding.

Each of the eight personal planets is shown on each strand and the zodiac sign cusps are marked by a silvery metal glitter bead.

*Read basic information about birth charts here

What goes to make up the Loved Ones crystal necklace?

The most commonly recognised astrological chart is circular. Since a necklace is also basically a circular shape the two can be combined readily into a meaningful and personal item of jewellery.

Whereas in the beaded single strand astrology necklace the main circle making up the chart consists of smaller background beads, this is a floating necklace. As such the background is the silver coloured beading wire itself. The beads are held in position on the wire by a small silver coloured crimp. 

Each strand is divided into 12 equal sections representing the twelve signs of the zodiac. The cusp of each zodiac sign is marked by a silver metallic glitter bead. The planets in each of the chosen charts are shown by different coloured 6mm bicone crystal beads. In most charts there are sections where planets may cluster together and other sections where there are none. These empty sections contain a freely moving 3mm crystal bead for added interest and sparkle. I like to think of these in general as twinkling stars.

Section of crystal multi-strand necklace showing what is represented.Section of crystal Loved Ones necklace showing what is represented by different elements

What does the necklace show?

In the multi-strand crystal necklace between two and four different astrological charts are combined thus making a link between the people or occasions they represent.

A common choice for each strand is for a mother to have one strand representing her own birth chart and two additional strands - one for each of her children.

A second option is for a three strand necklace to have one for each member of a couple and the third strand representing the astrological chart for their wedding day.

What about the planets?

As with the gemstone bead version of the Loved Ones necklace, the crystal version also only shows the personal planets. The three outer planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are omitted. This is done because these planets move very slowly and are likely to be in much the same position in the birth charts of those born within a few years of each other. These planets are traditionally believed to affect entire generations as opposed to individuals.

The following coloured crystal beads are used to represent the planets in this version of the Loved Ones necklace:

clear bicone crystal beadSun
Opalescent bicone crystal beadMoon
Pale blue crystal bicone beadMercury
Pink crystal beadVenus
dark red crystal beadMars
Pale green bicone beadChiron
Yellow crystal beadJupiter
light brown crystal bicone beadSaturn

How can I tell which strand relates to which person?

magnification of coloured seed beads showing ownership of each strand of necklaceMagnification of seed beads used to show which strand belongs to whom

In any multi-strand astrology necklace the strands are marked at one end with three tiny seed beads. The information as to which colour represents which chart is given along with a printed multi-chart and information sheet as shown in image below.

The clasp is placed in the same zodiac position on each strand. This is chosen as the place where there are fewest planets so that what planet beads there are will be more likely to be on display in the front section of the necklace.


Triple astrological chart diagramAstrological chart showing the charts of a couple and that of their wedding
Crystal Loved Ones necklace in box with information cardsThree strand Loved Ones crystal necklace in box with information cards

Each necklace comes in a box. Attached inside the lid is a printed chart showing all the strands and their relationship to one another. There is also a basic information card.

If desired the chart can also include the relevant dates (not shown in the example) 

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