About the Crystal Lovers' Necklace      

Do you love your jewellery to be sparkly?
Do you want a necklace with a very personal meaning?
Then the Crystal Lovers' Necklace may be just what you're looking for.

2-strand crystal birth chart necklace for lovers2-strand necklace in crystal beads for lovers

This necklace is made up of two separate strands made with clear 3mm crystal beads spaced with tiny seed beads. The planets are represented by slightly larger 6mm different coloured Swarovski crystals.

The necklace has two strands - one for the birth chart of each member of a couple - united in a necklace.

What goes to make up the Lovers' Crystal Necklace?

The most commonly recognised astrological chart is circular. Since a necklace is also basically a circular shape the two can be combined readily into a meaningful and personal item of jewellery.

Just as in the beaded single strand astrology necklace the main circle making up the chart consists of background beads - this time they are of clear 3mm Swarovski crystal bicones. Each bead is spaced by a tiny seed bead.

Each strand is divided into 12 equal sections representing the twelve signs of the zodiac. The cusp of each zodiac sign is marked by three seed beads together. The planets in each of the chosen charts are shown by different coloured 6mm bicone crystal beads. 

What does the necklace show?

In the 2-strand crystal necklace two different astrological birth charts are combined thus making a link between the people they represent. These are usually the charts of a couple hence it is known as the necklace for lovers.

What about the planets?

The following coloured crystal beads are used to represent the planets in this version of the Loved Ones necklace:

clear bicone crystal beadSun
Opalescent bicone crystal beadMoon
Pale blue crystal bicone beadMercury
Pink crystal beadVenus
dark red crystal beadMars
Pale green bicone beadChiron
Yellow crystal beadJupiter
light brown crystal bicone beadSaturn
turquoise crystal bicone beadUranus
dark blue crystal bicone beadNeptune
red crystal bicone beadPluto

How can I tell which strand relates to which person?

magnification of coloured seed beads showing ownership of each strand of necklaceMagnification of seed beads used to show which strand belongs to whom

In any multi-strand astrology necklace the strands are marked at one end with three tiny seed beads of different colours. The information as to which colour represents which chart is given along with a printed multi-chart and information sheet as shown in image below.

The clasp is placed in the same zodiac position on each strand. This is chosen as the place where there are fewest planets so that what planet beads there are will be more likely to be on display in the front section of the necklace.


2-strand crystal birth chart necklace in presentation box with information sheets2-strand crystal birth charts Lovers' Necklace in presentation box

Each necklace comes in a box. Included is a printed chart showing the strands and their relationship to one another. There is also a basic information card.

Two examples of different designs for the printed combined charts are shown below - blossom and night sky.

Printed chart for 2-strand crystal lovers' necklace with blossom backgroundExample of combined birth charts printed on blossom background
Example of 2-strand printed birth charts for lovers' necklace on night sky backgroundExample of combined birth charts printed on night sky background

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