About the Crystal Choker Necklace      

This page describes in more detail the features of the necklaces created solely in crystal beads i.e. the Crystal Choker Necklace.

Crystal single strand necklace being wornCrystal beaded choker necklace being worn around neck

Made of 3mm bicone-shaped clear Swarovski crystal beads with 4mm planet beads.
43cms long with additional 5cms in extension chain.

This necklace could be made as a gift to celebrate any special event - maybe a wedding, a landmark birthday or for a newborn. Being small and delicate it might also be given as a bridesmaid or flower girl gift.

How the Crystal Choker Necklace is a map?

Just like the other necklaces offered here, the Crystal Choker Necklace represents a celestial map of the birth chart of the wearer.

Both a necklace and an astrological chart are circular.

There are 360° in a circle. The beads in each strand of a necklace represent these degrees.

A necklace of 360 crystal beads would be very long and unwieldy so I use one 3mm clear crystal bicone bead to represent 3° of the astrological chart. This makes a total of 120 3mm clear Swarovski crystal bicone beads per necklace.

Does it show the zodiac signs?

The astrological chart is usually divided into sections, one for each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. These are the signs which feature in newspaper and magazine astrology predictions and are based on the position of the Sun at the time.

But there is far more to an astrological chart than just the position of the Sun. These necklaces feature ten other planets too (more below).

Each sign of the zodiac takes up 30° of the total 360° and the places where the sign changes are marked in this necklace by a silvery crystal bead.

Section of crystal Swarovski bead necklace showing representations by different beadsSection of a crystal choker necklace showing what is represented by the different beads

What about the planets?

The position of the planets in an astrological necklace is what makes it personal.

The planets are constantly moving around the Sun but each moves at a different speed. The relationship of the planets to one another and to a place on Earth varies with time and geographical location. 

Therefore a birth chart is very specific to a particular moment , on a specific day and in a single place on Earth. This makes it very individualised and personal. Even twins would not share exactly the same birth chart as there is a time difference in their births. Although in this case the difference in the astrological chart would not be great, it would exist.

Each of the planets is placed in the necklace in its correct places (to the nearest 2°) according to the position they were in at midday on the day the person was born. 

** If the exact time of birth is known this information can help to make the positions of the planet beads slightly more accurate but this information is not essential if it isn't known.

Which beads represent which planets?

In the crystal choker necklace the planets are shown by different coloured 4mm crystal bicone beads. Being slightly larger than the background beads helps them to stand out.

The planets that will be included in a necklace and the crystal beads which represent them are as follows:


clear crystal bicone beadSun
dark red bicone crystal beadMars
Moonstone crystal bicone beadMoon
yellow bicone crystal beadJupiter
pale ble bicone crystal beadMercury
light brown bicone crystal beadSaturn
pink bicone crystal beadVenus
bright green bicone crystal beadChiron


blue green bicone crystal beadUranus
dark blue bicone beadNeptune
bright red bicone beadPluto

Crystal Choker Necklace Presentation

Crystal choker necklace in presentation boxCrystal Choker Necklace in box with information sheets and printed chart

Each necklace comes in a box with a printed copy of the birth chart and information sheet so the planet beads can be identified. 

The clasp of the necklace is, wherever possible, placed in a section where there are no planets so that the most visible part of the necklace when worn will show as many of the  planet crystals as possible.

*Please note, however, that the position of the planet beads is determined by the actual positions of the planets in the sky on the day of birth so is beyond my control. Therefore although some necklaces will show planet beads spaced at fairly regular intervals, others may have several bunched up together. That's what makes a birth chart personal and unique to those born in that place on that day.

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