Create a Doll

Create a doll - options 

Start to create a doll by considering the options listed below. This page also details how to go about ordering. 

FREE postage  on all Keepsake Dolls  to UK  (see other postage rates here) 

1. Skin colour

 I currently offer three different colours available for skin as shown below. These may change slightly from time to time as the fabric manufacturers change them but I will update the swatches shown here.

pale skin coloured fabriclight
mid brown skin colour fabricmedium
dark brown skin colour fabricdark

Please be aware that the accuracy of these colours on screen may vary according to the viewing device

2. Eye colour

I currently only have two eye colour options although if a green or violet shade was desired this could be available. The catch light in each eye is represented by a small Swarovski crystal bead.

doll's eyes embroidered in blueblue eyes
doll's eyes embroidered in brownbrown eyes

3. Eye shape

oriental eyes

4. Lip colour

dark red lipsdark red lips
pink lipspink lips

5. Hair colour

As chosen in discussion with customer

6. Hair style

Agreed in discussion with customer

7. Knees and Elbows

The doll can have arms and legs which are straight or have a small seam across the knee and/or elbow joints. The choice really depends how it will be displayed. Bendy knees and elbows permit more position options. A doll holding something in both hands would probably be better with bendy elbows although those in the samples have not. It's down to personal preference.

doll's legs with seam across knee jointbendy knees

Further information and how to order

Keepsake dolls are intended as reminders of a special event or memory. As such I create them with features - colouring, clothing, etc - to mimic those shown in a photo provided for reference by the buyer.

There are too many options to make ordering simply a matter of completing a form. If you would like to order a doll, please contact me first using the form here or by Facebook messenger at the Ooak Gifts page. Once we have discussed your doll I will email you an invoice for payment in full before beginning work.

Each doll is individually handmade to order and takes several days from start to finish. I try to find a suitable fabric as similar as possible to the original. If you have scraps of the fabric required I can sometimes use these provided they are not too thick or unsuitable in any other way for making tiny garments.

The price of a handmade keepsake doll, inclusive of tracked delivery, is £125.00

Show how much you care with a one-of-a-kind handmade gift

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