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Clutch Wallets (CW)

Clutch Wallets (CW)

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1. Types of Clutch Wallets
2. The Anatomy of a CW
3. Four Occasions when a CW is ideal
4. History of the clutch bag

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1.  Types of Clutch Wallets

CWs seem to be the "in" thing just now. They are really purses that double as small handbags to hold just the essentials for those times when taking a proper handbag would just be too cumbersome - such as when clubbing or taking a trip to the corner shop for a forgotten essential.

These little wonders hold cash, cards, mobile phone and maybe a lipstick or similar small essential.

There are various designs of CW. Most of those here at present are of the Flip Ckutch variety. These wallets open to lie flat as is shown in the image in the section below. The other type currently available is the Fan Clutch (see image above). This is more like a small traditional handbag with side gussets shaped like a fan - hence the name.

The third type of wallet - and currently my favourite - is the clutch wallet on a metal frame.  These add a degree of rigidity and look just as good whether worn on their wrist straps, their crossbody chains or simply held in the hand like a traditional clutch.

All my wallets come with a wrist strap as well as a crossbody chain - both of which can be unclipped when required.

2. Anatomy of a CW

Although the designs made by individual makers may vary slightly, most of these little wallets have the same features albeit in different layouts.

There are always card slots although the number of these may vary. So if you are someone who has a plastic card for lots of shops as well as for paying for things then maybe when using the CW you need to just carry the essential ones.

A zipped compartment is also standard and is ideal for keeping coins, or your phone, or even a passport. Anything which really needs to be secure. Some CWs come with more than one zipped section.

Other slip-in pockets might be used for sunglasses, your phone, receipts, etc. Again the number of such pockets can vary.

Finally it's useful to have both a wrist strap and a crossbody strap - both of which can be unclipped if desired.

Above all it's important to remember that these bag/wallets are only designed to hold essentials. If you find yourself wanting more compartments and bulking it out then maybe a handbag of some kind would be better?

3.  Four Occasions when a Clutch Wallet is ideal...

The contents of a woman's handbag are an ongoing source of jokes and there are many times when just having all possibilities covered has proved vital
But there are also times when you don't need to take everything with you.

Those times are when one of these little wonders  - chosen to express your personality - comes into its own.

Maybe more than one such wallet - one for daytime casual and another for nights out - can serve you well.

  1. You have run out of something and just need to pop to the corner shop
  2. You are grocery shopping and don't want to struggle with a handbag as well as the bags of groceries.
  3. You're off on a girls' night out and will be clubbing so need something small,  secure and easy to wear to safeguard those essentials.
  4. They make perfect gifts when chosen in a fabric that suits the recipient - maybe with cats for a cat lover,  goth or steam punk fabric for a teen, etc 

4. History of the Clutch Bag

The simple clutch only evolved into what we know as the clutch wallet in recent years. Prior to that, since they first appeared in the 1920s, clutch bags were fairly simple little pouches to be carried in the hand.

After the voluminous frills and corsets of the Victorian era, fashion became slim and more streamlined after the First World War. Women wanted to show off their clothes and didn't want their outlines spoilt by having large bags. So the simple clutch was born that could nestle in the hand and so not detract from whatever was being worn.

The more glamorous evening version of the clutch made its appearance in the 1930s.

More details of the history of evening bags and clutches can be found here and make very absorbing reading for those with an interest.

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