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Shop Birth Chart Necklaces

Shop Birth Chart Necklaces

Two types of Birthchart Necklace

1. Beaded Birthchart Necklaces in gemstone or glass beads

2. Loved Ones multi-strand necklaces that combine the birthcharts of at least two Loved Ones

Information about birth chart necklaces - the different sizes as well as further details of how they are constructed can be found by clicking the links at foot of page.

For full details of any necklace or to add it to shopping cart click the button beneath its image.
This page contains images of all the options currently available for a truly personal necklace.

UK orders over £60 FREE postage  otherwise £2.95 per order (see more here) 

1. Beaded Birthchart Necklaces

I currently offer two sizes of beaded birth chart necklaces determined by the size of beads used as background i.e. that make up the basic necklace. The beads representing the planets are a size larger so they stand out. 

The two sizes are:
1. Using 4mm background beads that are semi-precious gemstones with 6mm gemstone planets.
2. Using 6mm glass background beads with 8mm gemstone planets

4mm Background Bead Necklaces

These necklaces have 4mm background beads of semiprecious gemstones. The planet beads are represented by 6mm gemstone beads. They measure approx 55cms/21½ ins

Beaded birthchart necklace in Aventurine gemstone beads
Beaded birthchart necklace in Rose Quartz gemstone beads
Beaded birth chart necklace in amethyst gemstone beads

Beaded birth chart necklace in blue lace agate gemstone beads
Beaded birthchart necklace in Amazonite gemstone beads

Necklaces often chosen for men

4mm necklaces in Tiger Eye or Black Onyx have often been bought for men or even by men for themselves.

Beaded birthchart necklace in Tiger Eye gemstone beads
Beaded birthchart necklace in black onyx gemstone beads

6mm Background Bead Necklaces 

The colours of the glass beads used for the background are attractive to those who go for brighter colours in their jewellery. These necklaces measure approx 86cms/34 ins.

birth chart necklace made in red glass beads
birthchart necklace in amber coloured glass beads
turquoise glass beads making up birth chart necklace

deep pink glass beads as birthchart necklace
birth chart necklace of purple glass beads
birthchart necklace in green glass beads

various shades of blue glass beads made into birth chart necklace
purple birth chart necklace in glass
deep pink glass bead birthchart necklace

2. Loved Ones Birthchart Necklace

At present there is only one design of Loved Ones necklace. Further details can be found on the About page. To buy click "More Info" box below relevant image depending on how many strands you want in your necklace. The minimum number is two and the maximum is five. 

After payment I will email you for the necessary details.

Loved Ones multi-strand necklace2 strand necklace
3 strand necklace3 strand necklace
4 strand necklace4 strand necklace
5 strand necklace5 strand necklace

Give a gift that shows you care 

A Birth Chart Necklace is a truly personal gift

How can it be otherwise since it relies upon information as to the date and place of birth of the recipient? Read about birth charts at Wikipedia.

Who would love a birth chart necklace?  Ideally someone who fits the following criteria:


There is no point giving one of these necklaces to anyone who strongly disagrees with or disapproves of astrology. On the other hand, if they do have an interest this gift is something different and personal.

1.  They show at least a passing interest in astrology  even if that's only by casually reading their "stars" from time to time in the newspaper.

2.  Also they are someone who wears beaded jewellery - men included if that's their style.

3. They want to wear a piece of jewellery that reminds them of those closest to them such as a partner or children.

These necklaces often provide a talking point with their (apparently) randomly placed larger beads. Others are fascinated once they discover the significance of the necklace as a whole.

The necklace has no predictive value, it is simply a representation of the positions of the planets on the day of birth just as a roadmap showing the location of the birth would do.

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Show them you care with a personalised necklace.

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