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Are you looking for an unusual and personal gift?
What about a personalised necklace showing a map of the sky on the day they were born?

Beaded Birth Chart Necklaces in Gemstones

The overall necklace length is determined by the size of beads used.
The beads representing the planets are a size larger than the main background beads.

Black Onyx and Tiger Eye beaded astrology necklaces on an open book beside a silver inkwell4mm Black Onyx and Tiger Eye beads make suitable necklaces for men

4mm background beads and 6mm planet beads

A necklace for men made with 4mm background beads measures approximately 55cm/21½ins. 

All the other single strand gemstone bead necklaces measure approximately 79cms as the gemstones are interspaced by tiny seed beads making this version of the necklace fashionably longer.

How can a necklace be a map?

Chart showing the twelve signs of the zodiacAstrological chart divided into the twelve signs of the zodiac

Beaded Astrology necklaces do just that! In effect they represent a celestial map of the skies on the day of your birth just as a regular atlas shows a map of the ground.

To learn more about the necklaces and what they represent, read on....

A necklace is circular.  An astrological chart is traditionally circular too.
There are 360° in a circle. The beads in the necklace represent these degrees.

360 beads would make a very long necklace!

Yes they would. Therefore I use one bead to represent 3° making 120 beads in the basic necklace.

What else does the necklace show?

Each sign of the zodiac takes up 30°. To show these sectors a smaller gold coloured bead is placed every ten beads making 12 divisions in all.

Section of Beaded Astrology necklace showing what is indicated by the different beads.Section of Gemstone Beaded Astrology necklace indicating what is represented by the different beads.

What about the planets?

This is where the personalisation comes in. The planets are placed in their correct places (to the nearest 2°) according to the position they were in at midday on the day the person was born. 

** If the exact time of birth is known this information can help to make the positions of the planet beads slightly more accurate but this information is not essential if it isn't known.

You could also have a necklace made to celebrate any other special event showing the positions of the planets at that time - maybe a wedding or the birth of a child.

You could even simultaneously wear multiple 4mm beaded necklaces, each representing a special person. 

The Planets in a Gemstone Beaded Necklace

In astrology a particular type of influence is attributed to each of the planets. In order to convey this in the necklace each planet is represented by a semi-precious gemstone bead that is believed to have a similar influence in the birth chart to that of the planet it represents. 

The planets that will be included in your necklace and the gemstones which represent them are as follows:


Rock Crystal bead representing the SunRock Crystal - Sun
Moonstine bead representing the MoonMoonstone - Moon
Amazonite bead representing MercuryAmazonite - Mercury
Rose Quartz bead representing VenusRose Quartz - Venus
Garnet bead representing MarsGarnet - Mars
Peridot bead representing ChironPeridot - Chiron
Citrine bead representing JupiterCitrine - Jupiter
Tiger Eye bead representing SaturnTiger Eye - Saturn


Aventurine bead representing UranusAventurine - Uranus
Lapis Lazuli bead representing NeptuneLapis Lazuli - Neptune
Carnelian bead representing PlutoCarnelian - Pluto

Gemstone Beaded Necklace Presentation

Gemstone beaded necklace in presentation boxGemstone beaded necklace in presentation box

Each necklace comes in a box along with a printed copy of the birth chart and information sheets so the wearer can identify the planets. The chart also shows the relative positions of the beads representing the planets in relation to one another.

The clasp of the necklace is, wherever possible, placed in a section where there are no planets so that the most visible part of the necklace when worn will show as many of the gemstone planets as possible.

*Please note, however, that the position of the planet beads is determined by the actual positions of the planets in the sky on the day of birth so is beyond my control. Therefore although some necklaces will show planet beads spaced at fairly regular intervals, others may have several bunched up together. That's what makes a birth chart personal and unique to those born in that place on that day.

Significance of gemstones and planetary meanings

As anyone with an interest in astrology will know, each of the planets is believed to be endowed with specific meanings and significance. 

Gemstones too are recognised as having specific powers and meanings. 

When deciding which gemstone would represent each planet in the creation of the necklaces I considered these traditional meanings carefully.

To read more about the gemstones and their meanings see links below

To buy a gemstone single strand beaded necklace return to this page and choose from those listed.

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