About Astrology Necklaces

About Astrology Necklaces

Do you need a gift for a special person's landmark birthday?
Do you like to find a gift that they will really love?
Do you want to give a gift that shows you cared enough to go out and find it?
Do you look forward to seeing genuine liking and surprise on their face when they open it?
Or do you want to give yourself a real treat and feel really special?

Then maybe one of the astrology necklaces is just what you need.

I currently offer two different styles of astrology necklace:
Beaded Necklaces and the Loved Ones Necklace.

My astrology necklaces are made to be worn as very personal items of jewellery.

I use semi-precious gemstone beads as well as (in the Loved Ones necklace) crystal beads by Swarovski. Beads are threaded on some of the strongest and most flexible beading wires of their type.

I have combined a knowledge of the properties of gemstones with that of the significance of astrological features to create something which is both personal and beautiful.

How is the astrology necklace personalised?

Those who are familiar with astrology will have come across an astrological chart at some time or other. For those who haven't here is a brief outline of the major features.

What is an astrological chart?

The most common such chart is the birth chart. This shows the positions of the planets in the sky on the day of birth and in which zodiac sign they are sitting at that time.

This gives it a large degree of personalisation. How can it be otherwise since it relies upon information as to the date and place of birth of the recipient? Read about birth charts at Wikipedia.

Sample astrological chart given with necklaceExample of chart included with beaded astrology necklace

One such chart is shown here. The positions of the planets are marked and the planets are named. In addition the 12 signs of the zodiac can also be seen and it is possible to tell which zodiac sign each planet is visiting and the relative positions of the planets to one another.

Since the relationships between planets and their relative positions change constantly, the astrological map changes too. This constant movement makes the chart for any given day different from others. Geographical location also has an influence on the positions shown by the chart.

What other charts are there apart from birth charts?

A chart can be drawn up for any moment in any location. As already noted, the most common chart is that for the day of birth.

The Beaded Astrology necklace shows one person's chart on the day of their birth.

The Loved Ones necklace shows the birth chart of each person represented on a separate strand of the necklace. Often this necklace is made to show the charts of a mother and her children. Sometimes it can also be created to celebrate a couple with a strand for each.

This very personal gift might be given to a bride as a wedding gift from the groom or from a parent.

Can one of these necklaces tell what's going to happen like a horoscope does?

No, there is no predictive value in these necklaces. They are merely a sort of celestial map for the day in question.

An Astrology Necklace is a truly Personal Gift

Who would love an astrology necklace?  Ideally someone who meets the following criteria:

1.  They show at least a passing interest in astrology  even if that's only by casually reading their "stars" from time to time in the newspaper.

2.  Also they are someone who wears beaded jewellery - men included if that's their style.

3. They want to wear a piece of jewellery that reminds them of a special moment in their lives or of those closest to them such as a partner or children. Read more about how necklaces can link different people's charts on the Beaded and Loved Ones pages


There is no point giving one of these necklaces to anyone who strongly disagrees with or disapproves of astrology. On the other hand, if they do have an interest this gift is something different and personal.

More about Astrology Necklaces

Astrology necklaces often provide a talking point with their (seemingly) randomly placed larger beads. Others are fascinated once they discover the significance of the necklace as a whole.

The necklace has no predictive value, it is simply a representation of the positions of the planets on a significant occasion such as the day of birth just as a roadmap showing the location of the birth would.

I currently offer two different styles of astrology necklace (see images at top of page). These are personalised by being created to represent an astrological chart that holds some special significance for the recipient.

More detailed information about each of these necklace types can be found by clicking the images at the top of the page or the relevant links below. Those pages also give details for how to go about ordering.

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