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One of a Kind Gifts are Something Special

Do you love that glow you feel when you know you've found someone a gift that they'll never forget?
Want to give a gift they'll truly love?
Want to show that special someone you care?
Are you seeking a gift that's a little bit different?
Or a thoughtful gift that will be treasured?
If even one of these is you, look no further....

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One of a kind gifts - or ooak as they are often known - can make an occasion special.

Unless we live alone far from civilisation we are going to become embroiled in having to give presents at some time in our lives and for most of us this is quite a regular occurrence.

We are faced with occasions such as birthdays, the arrival of a new baby, retirements, weddings, christenings, anniversaries and the BIG one... CHRISTMAS!

For some the combination of cost and choosing the gift is just too much so they opt out altogether. Some neither give nor expect to receive. Others just give anything they have to hand or find during last minute shopping. Then, as far as they're concerned, that's the job done (you will know exactly who I mean!)

But if you are here on this page maybe you're one of us - the caring givers.

One of a kind gifts for something special

You know what I mean. Sometimes you've found just the thing you know someone will love and you almost can't wait to see their face when they open it.

The best gifts, the most memorable gifts, are when we manage to find that something that the recipient didn't even know they wanted - yet now they've got it they won't be parted from it!

Such moments are indeed rare - but maybe that's what makes them truly special?

Do you, like me, try your hardest each time you have to buy gifts, and especially at Christmas, to find just one such perfect gift for just one of those in your list?

One of a kind gifts for the caring gift giver. Do you...

• Love giving gifts and hate it when you just don't know what to get them

• Refuse to give just anything simply because a gift is expected

• Put care and thought into giving what you think they might really love

• Are sufficiently confident in your own taste not to have to get the latest thing

• Love the warm glow that comes from giving a gift that's truly appreciated

So whilst I don't pretend to be able to offer the perfect gift for everyone for every occasion, one of the gifts shown here may just be "the one". One of a kind (ooak) gifts that can be personalised for the recipient may be ideal. Or a gift that was created as a one-off and so is different in some way from other similar items.

But for those other gifts for the hard-to-buy-for I also offer ideas that might just be the answer.

On this site you will find...

  • Beautifully crafted gifts that are not quite the same as anything else
  • Gifts individually handmade at home in the UK
  • A variety of gifts suitable for different occasions for her, for children and for babies.

              plus, if you need it,

  • Gift choosing advice and ideas

On this site you will find...

*  Beautifully crafted gifts that are not quite the same as anything  else

*  Gifts individually handmade at home in the UK

•  A variety of gifts suitable for different occasions, for her, for children and for babies

     plus, if you need it

• Gift choosing advice and ideas

What is ooak?

Ooak is an anacronym for one of a kind. It is simply a shorter way of saying the same thing. The use of the term ooak has grown up around the development of small businesses or crafters selling their own handmade goods. This has become easier to do with the growth of the internet and online shops.

In an era of mechanisation and mass production, a carefully chosen item created individually and skilfully will be cherished and will always be a reminder of the giver.

The gifts for sale on this site are one-of-a-kind, created individually by me with care and attention to detail.

I neither buy materials in bulk nor create many items the same. One of a kind gifts are always going to have that air of uniqueness about them and also transmit the care that goes into their creation. 

The beauty of ooak crafting is that the maker does not have to commit to making endless versions of the same thing.

This also means that if a particular item appeals to you and you wish to buy, delay may mean that your chance is gone for good... but there will always be other beautiful things on offer instead.

Most of the things I make are knitted or sewn. The exceptions to this at the moment are the decorative gift boxes and birth chart necklaces. I never know myself where the next inspiration will come from. That's what makes it exciting. The decorative gift boxes are definitely created as one-offs as I never have a plan for how I expect them to turn out when I begin. They are truly one of a kind.

Birthchart necklaces are created by reference to the astrological birth chart of the recipient which changes depending on the time and geographical location of the birth. Again, it is rare for two to be precisely identical. These are also therefore examples of one of a kind gifts.

Ooak gifts are handmade with care to give with love.

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Show how much you care with a one-of-a-kind handmade gift